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Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Welcome to Helsingborg - The Pearl of the Sound, the city where you’re always close to the sea, to lush forests, and even innovation. Yes - Did you hear? Helsingborg is one of the most innovative cities in Europe, woohoo! This is an exciting time to be here, so if you’re new to the city and to this website, welcome to Helsingborg and to This Is Hbg.

Before you read ahead, we'd love for you to watch this little film featuring some of our awesome international residents. Here they share everything they love about Helsingborg - the campus, people, diversity, forests, cycling paths and so much more.

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From important websites in the city to how you can get involved with local initiatives, here's a list of 10 articles to get you started. Browse through this website to discover more tips and recommendations. Of course, stay updated on our website and on our Instagram page for more such tips and tricks!

The best thing one can do on moving to a new place is to learn from others' experiences. Here are a few tips from our readers. Don't forget to also read Life in Helsingborg, a series of short stories and experiences of people in Helsingborg.

A very warm welcome to all the International Master's Students coming to study at the Lund University Campus Helsingborg! Here are a few links to help you settle in Helsingborg:

Helsingborg's student website run by the municipality

Accommodation for students in Helsingborg

Grants for students in Helsingborg

Facebook group - International students at Campus Helsingborg

Organisation for internationals and ex-pats in Helsingborg

Share your experience of living in Helsingborg

What are some physical landmarks I should visit if I am new here?

There's quite a lot to see and do in the city. Top landmarks include Dunkers Kulturhus, Fredriksdal Museums and Gardens, Sofiero Castle and Gardens, Sankta Maria Kyrka, Kärnan tower. You can also visit Rådhuset (City Hall) from the inside on open days. Read all about what to do on Visit Helsingborg, Helsingborg's official tourist/visitor website.

Tip - Purchase the Kulturkortet (Culture card) and get free entry all through the year at different attractions in Helsingborg. A card costs SEK 445 valid for a full year. Student? You can get a card for SEK 250. Check out details here -

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