Websites And Groups To Follow If You've Recently Moved To Helsingborg

Updated: Mar 19 - The official website of the City of Helsingborg which offers information on services, events and the administrative functioning of the city. You can event chat online if you have any particular questions about living in the city. For example, are you looking for a parking space near your apartment? This is where you can get in touch with the city and find out how to proceed. Find out more on Helsingborg Stad.

Helsingborg International Connections - Chances are you’ve already met Sally Russell somewhere or the other. If you haven’t, you shall very soon and I will tell you how! Sally co-founded Helsingborg International Connections to make life easier for newcomers in the city. How does she do this? HIC holds weekly drop-in sessions for those who may have any questions related to living in this new city. There are several events ranging culture, work and social life. The best one - Pub nights for a more casual way to meet new people. Find out more on Helsingborg International Connections.

Visit Helsingborg - A great resource by the municipality where you can find loads of information on what to do, activities, shopping, food etc in town. The website also includes multiple digital maps of attractions around the city. Not just that, you can find many of these physical maps around the city. In English and Swedish, the website includes a section on 'Greeters'  from where you can book a local greeter to show you around the city. Interested in becoming a greeter if you know your way around the city - Yes, that's possible! Check out all of this and much more on Visit Helsingborg.

HBG.Nu - A wonderful and exhaustive resource in Swedish covering loads of information travellers and residents might need on a daily basis. From hotels and hostels in town to list of pet stores in the city. HBG.Nu also keeps a track of all the events in town. Especially helpful if you want to train your Swedish! Check out more on HBG.Nu

International Women in Helsingborg - An incredible and extremely helpful Facebook group for women in Helsingborg. Women not only help each other with information but also sometimes host fika get togethers and other events. Join the closed facebook group on International women in Helsingborg

Newbie Guide to Sweden - This is a website which most of us on moving to Sweden must have come across. Very useful information for newcomers on topics ranging from language, housing, work, health, driving and much more. This is must website for all those planning to move or have just moved to Sweden. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram. Find out more on Newbie Guide to Sweden.

The Local Sweden - Your daily dose of local news in English! The Local is a multi-regional digital news publisher which will never make you feel out of touch with what is happening in Sweden and around. Psst - Did you know when you sign up as a member you can access not only all the pages of the The Local Sweden, but also local editions of other countries. Find out more on The Local Sweden.

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