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Volunteering Opportunities in Helsingborg

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Want to do more with your time and help others? There's a lot you can do.

New in town and want to volunteer? Or have you already been here for a while and want to spend some spare time supporting others? Volunteering is also a great way to practice Swedish if you're learning the language. Here's how you can start if you want to volunteer in Helsingborg -

1) Helsingborg Volunteer Centre - If you are not sure where to start or which organisation to reach out to, begin here. The first step is to fill out an interest form (which is also available in English). Link -

Once your application has is received, you will be invited to a meeting with the Contact centre to discuss your interests, availability etc. Simple!

2) Erasmus + - If you are between the age of 18 and 30, you can volunteer in Europe through the Erasmus programme. It does not cost you anything to volunteer through this programme. The volunteering can be anywhere between 2-12 months. Interested? Write to Cecilia Nilsson who works at the Labour Administration -

List of project opportunities available here -

3) Hej främling! - How about being healthy and volunteering at the same time? Hej främling, which started it's activities in Skåne last year and is now quite active in Helsingborg as well hosts a variety of activities ranging from yoga, dance, running, mountain hiking and much more. What's best -. All activities are led by volunteers. If you're interested in volunteering, check out the website - (English and Swedish, both are welcome). Additionally, join this facebook group for activities in Skåne if you want to attend activities -

4) Night walk - You can sign up to give some time during the night to walk in a group in areas which need some presence to inculcate the feeling of safety. If you are interested in forming a group and have an area in mind, sign up here -

There is already a night walking group in Söder of which you can be a part. Follow their Facebook page and write to the organiser for more details -

5) Current Assignments - If you are not sure about what type of organisation you would like to volunteer for, you can check some of the ongoing assignments available through Helsingborg Stad here -

6) Red Cross Youth Association - If you are interested in working with young people, then The Red Cross Youth Association may be of interest to you. Read about the current opportunities available here - Or email them at

7) Volontärbyrån - From animal shelters to chat support, this is an online resource that regularly updates volunteer opportunities available throughout Sweden. Follow this link for availability in Helsingborg - › Helsingborg

Do you now of other volunteering opportunities? Comment below or send an email to



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