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Emergency and important numbers

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Where does one call in case of an emergency. Read on and save these numbers on your phones - and in your mind!

There are four primary numbers that you should be aware of -

112 (SOS Alarm) - Emergency and SOS number in Sweden. This is the number you call if life, environment or property is in danger. The number can be called from a landline or a mobile phone and this one call will put you in contact with all the emergency services such as ambulance, fire and police. All SOS operators speak Swedish and English. However, if needed, there is a possibility to get interpretation in other languages.

You can now also download the 112 mobile application on the Google Play and Apple store.

Don't forget - It is also your duty to warn and call for help, not just morally but also legally.

112 SMS Service - If you are deaf or have a speech/hearing impairment, you can get in touch with 112 via text phone or the SMS112 service. To use this service you need to be registered via SOS Alarm's website. Read more about this service and how to register here 

1177 - This is a service we are probably all familiar with. 1177 is a medical advice number that offers health care advice twenty-four hours a day, all over Sweden. Your questions will be answered by a nurse who will then advice you further about the course of action to take and whether you need to visit any health care agency. You can even use the website or the app to communicate with your Vårdcentral or find information on diseases, vaccinations etc.

113 13 - Information number (in case of accidents and crisis) : This is the number you call when need or have information about major accidents or crisis, such as storms, epidemic or major events. This is also a service for municipalities and other actors to communicate information to the public in the event of serious accidents. To call from abroad, use +46 (0) 77 33 113 13.

114 14 - Police number (in case of non-emergency incidents) : You can use this number for matters that do not involve crimes or emergency incidents. This line is open twenty-four hours a day, all year round. The phone service is available in Swedish or English.

Have any other information or your experience contacting emergency services? Share with us using the contact page.



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