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Hello! Thank you for dropping by!

I'm Parul and I moved to Helsingborg from India  by taking a big leap of faith and a deep breath - like many of us who decide to change our lives drastically by moving bag and baggage. 

This website was born out of my own experiences of being lost in translation and navigating through the city and country as a newcomer. Not knowing anyone didn't help either. And to be brutally honest, it was quite tough in the beginning with my mind swinging from loving this new slow life and wanting to give up and go back to my own country. But then I realized, it was only I who could change these circumstances. And so I did. 

In my time here, my biggest learning has been this - Networking is everything. So much can happen if you network, mingle, collaborate and form new relationships. Networking led me to Visionsfonden which then gave birth to this website. This has also been such a wonderful learning opportunity to create and design something - and get our of my comfort zone.

This is HBG is your website! It is for the people and by the people. Here you will find stories, recommendations and tips of the things that impact your daily lives. If you are a newcomer, I hope the stories leave a positive impact on you. This is a work in progress and your feedback will be highly appreciated. If you have something to share - tips, feedback, stories or an idea to collaborate - head to the contact page and let's talk!

And finally - a big thank you to Visionsfonden and Helsingborg Stad for their support in bringing this idea to reality!

Want to get in touch with me? Send me an email on or find me on LinkedIn here.

This website is for you if you:

  • are a newcomer in Helsingborg and are lost in translation

  • have been here for a while but still struggling with the language and often miss out on information

  • are looking for information or simply things to do 

  • want to share your story with others

  • want to share tips and recommendations with newcomers

  • have amazing ideas and want to collaborate

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