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Tips for (Asian) students in Campus Helsingborg by Rose Huang

My motivation is to encourage lifelong learning and gender equality, which are part of our daily lives at Lund University (LU)! As an LU student, I’ve witnessed students under the same age as my grandma/grandpa, professors pursuing cross-field degrees, proud LGBTQ students leading the pride march and various green activities for the good of our mother earth...I’m very proud to be a member of such a diverse and inclusive university, and I wish you could join us in the future!

This post includes 8 tips for Asian students like me❤!

  • Prepare yourself: it’s not only about the never-perfect packing list, but also about cultural shocks and expectations of studying abroad.

  • Bring some small souvenirs from your culture will be very helpful to introduce yourself! *Remember, life is not all about straight-As.

  • Find your local ‘gang: There are lots of student associations and activities where you can find fellows from the same country or those who share the same interests as you!

  • Cooking food: if you want to find materials to make traditional dishes, try searching keywords ‘Asian market’ or ‘Asian livs’ on map apps (‘livs’ is a Swedish word used by small groceries) Same tips of using Swedish keywords work for other situations, too.

  • Make friends outside your comfort zone and learn some Swedish: i.e. ‘hey’,‘ tack’ and ‘fika’. This will help you to understand different voices and build a broader view of the world.

  • Value your time with your classmates and show your respect in group works, they can be your life-long friends in the future!

  • Call your families and share your life with them from time to time. i.e. Show your campus and your dinner to your parents even if they said they ‘not curious’.

  • Vitamin D and friends are the best ways to fight against winter blue!

*Do not hesitate to use LU’s student counselling services if you need help.

With ❤️ from Rose Huang. (Find her on instagram at @rosehvip)

Do you have more tips to share? Comment below or send an email to


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