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Explore the city with 'Guide Helsingborg'

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Find your way around the city, explore and take a guided tour - all with the help of 'Guide Helsingborg'. The app guides you in and around city attractions and at exhibitions with audio, video and text. It also has a calendar to showcase what events are happening in the city.

Use the app when you're at one of the attractions, or maybe at home on a rainy day?

The app currently has the following attractions and tours in English:


Fredriksdal - Quite a detailed audio guide of the flowers, museums, gardens and the history of Fredriksdal.

Kärnan - Two audio guides to explore the tower - One for children and the other for adults. Learn all about the 700-year-old tower and Helsingborg's most famous landmark on this audio tour.

Rådhuset - The town hall - One of the city's greatest landmarks, you just cannot miss marvelling at this building. Read all about the glass paintings and the rooms inside the town hall. (This is not an audio guide). Want to visit the town hall? Look out for open days here.

Dunkers Kulturhus - Want to know more about the exhibitions at Dunkers? Don't forget to check this app before you go. Always good to know what you're looking at in an exhibition, don't you think? Currently, audio guides for three exhibitions: From Dawn to Dusk (On till 1st November 2020); Gray Wolves and Moose Brothers (On till 10th January 2021) and On the Border.

Sofiero - Many of us would have already been to Sofiero and admired the beautiful rhododendrons. With this app, you can learn a lot more about the beautiful gardens, the castle and its history. It has two media guides - A guided tour through the palace and the gardens and another one which takes you back in town - In the footsteps of Crown Princess Margareta.

AUDIO TOURS: (Self paced)

Helsingborg City Tour - Join this fun, historical city tour that takes you to 15 most popular attractions in Helsingborg. This tour will take about an hour on foot. The audio tour begins at Stortorget.

The Women of Helsingborg - A city walk - Want to know about the women that have played a big role in the history of Helsingborg? Go on this city walk where you will learn about 10 historical women. The tour begins at Stadsparken. Don't forget to use the hashtag #kvinnokartahbg when you take photos on this tour! Here is a map of the tour (Swedish) and some additional information about the tour and the women (English)

Sofiero Palace and Park - Discover Sofiero with this tour guide which will cover 64 locations. Stroll at your own pace and learn about everything from the history of the park to the flowers and the palace gardens.

Other tours in Swedish:

You can explore a few other things in the city in Swedish, some as text and others with an audio guide, such as -

  • Fountains in Helsingborg

  • Landborgspromenaden

  • Public art walk

  • Art Street Hbg walk

And more...

 Here's how to get started:

  1. Go to the App Store or Google Play and download Guide Helsingborg for free.

  2. Make sure the location service on your phone is on.

  3. Launch the app, choose your preferred language and then select the guide you are interested in.

  4. Get your headphones and listen or read about the item.

Do you need help with the app?

Are you encountering any problems or have a question about the app? You can contact Helsingborg contact centre on telephone 042-10 50 00, or via email address .


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