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Order a self-test for COVID-19 in Helsingborg (updated)

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

From today, Monday, 22 November, Folkhälsomyndigheten recommends that everyone aged six and older with symptoms of respiratory infection should get tested for Covid. This applies to even those who are fully vaccinated. Symptoms can include cough, sore throat, fever, blocked nose or a general feeling of sickness. They should also stay at home and avoid contact with other people.

If you have symptoms and want to get tested for free, there are currently three options in Helsingborg for self-testing: Pick up the test from a pharmacy (list below), walk/cycle to a sampling station (near Helsingborg arena) or drive to a sampling station (near Pixlapiren).

If you choose a pharmacy, another person must collect and drop the test for you. If you choose a sampling site, you must be able to get to the sampling site on your own.


  1. Log in to 1177 and follow the instructions on 'PROVTAGNING FÖR COVID-19' to order the test 

  2. Ask someone to be your representative and pick up the test from your selected pharmacy. All adults over the age of 18 can be agents. The agent must not have any symptoms of COVID-19 and must show both yours and his or her own identification.

  3. The person will bring back the test and you will take the test at home. Instructions are included with the test.

  4. The representative should then take back the sample on the same day and to the same pharmacy from where it was picked up. You may have different agents to collect and deliver the test sample if needed. Ensure they have identification and are free of symptoms.

  5. It can take 1-3 days for you to get your test answer. Log in to for results. You will receive a notification via SMS and email if you have filled in your contact details.

List of pharmacies for test pick up in Helsingborg:


  1. Log in to 1177 and follow the instructions on 'PROVTAGNING FÖR COVID-19'

  2. If you are going to walk or take your cycle, select the sampling location 'Helsingborg, Arenan Norra sidan Taxihållplatsen - för gående och cyklande'

  3. If you are going to drive to the sampling station, select 'Helsingborg, Pixla Piren - för bil'

  4. Show your photo ID to the staff.  

  5. If the test is for your child, you must show the child's social security number, either with a photo ID or on a written note. 

  6. Take the self-test. Pictorial and written instructions on how to do this are included with the test. Then leave the sample to the staff. 

  7. Carry some paper napkins/tissues and hand sanitiser.

The entire process can take anywhere between 15-20 minutes.


This test can be done for children of all ages. As a guardian, you can order tests for children between the ages of six and twelve. Log in to your own account and click on the child's name to proceed.


If you do not have a Swedish personnummer or any form of e-identification or if you do not know someone who can be your representative or are without access to a car or do not have the opportunity to walk/cycle to a sampling station, you can call a health centre which will then assess your situation. The test is then taken at the health centre. Use this link to find a health centre in Skåne.


Test results will be available in 1-3 days. Possible results:

Please note that the results of this test are not sufficient if you need to travel. For that you need a separate test which will provide you with a travel certificate or resintyg. Follow this link to know where you can get this test done.


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