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REKO-Rings: Fresh produce from farm to table!

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

You order your goods on Facebook directly from the producer and then you meet the seller in a predetermined place - That pretty much sums up a REKO-ring! Read on to know about how it works and how you can find fresh produce close to where you live.

What is a REKO Ring?

REKO stands for Rejäl Konsumtion (Real Consumption) and is a way to buy locally produced food, completely without intermediaries, directly from the producer to consumer. The concept started in Finland in 2012 and gained popularity quickly. Pre-ordered goods are delivered at a predetermined location. One of the great things about a ring is that you also have the opportunity to ask questions about the food! You can find among other things, eggs, meats, pasta, honey, fruit, vegetables, sweets, cheese, spices and much more!

Basically, the rings take on the classic models of a farmers market, but the advertising and buying take place online.

How does it work?

There are Facebook groups for each REKO-Ring. Producers place their ads before the delivery event. Consumers can place their orders by commenting directly in the comments and payment is made via Swish. On the date of the event, you pick up your goods on the designated place and time. (You can see the list of REKO-rings in Helsingborg below)/

How many REKO-Rings are there in Sweden?

The first REKO ring in Sweden was formed in Grästorp in 2016. Since then, the number of REKO-rings in Sweden has increased rapidly to over 200 rings with approximately 700,000 members in the various Facebook groups. Check out this map to find all the rings in the country.

How many REKO-rings are there in Helsingborg?

Here is the list of rings in Helsingborg. Click on the names to reach the Facebook groups.

REKO Helsingborg City

Location - Henry Dunkers Plats

Days and timings - Thursdays, odd weeks - 1700 - 1730

REKO Helsingborg, Mariastaden

Location - Nya Mariapark Skolan vid Tornfalksgatan/längs Kullavägen

Days and timings - Thursdays, odd weeks - 1800 - 1830

REKO Helsingborg, Råå

Days and timings - Thursdays, odd weeks - 1900 - 1930

I am interested in selling. What do I need to do?

Start by reading this - This page highlights what you can and cannot sell. For example, here’s what you can sell - Foods and by-products from food production: Vegetables, root vegetables, potatoes, spices, eggs, bread, meat, fish, berries, fruits, dairy products, processed products, food crafts, mushrooms, honey, beeswax, hides, wool, etc.

I want to search for a Reko-ring near me. How can I find it?

Start by searching for REKO ring on Facebook. Usually, the ring is followed by the name of a place. For example, REKO-ring Helsingborg. Apply to join the group and start buying.

I want to read more and understand how this works

From the history of the rings to how to sell your own produce, find all the information here -


Remember - When you buy without intermediaries, you have direct contact with the producer. Not only are you getting fresh produce, but you are also supporting the local business community and thinking sustainably!


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