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Here's where you can buy pumpkins in and around Helsingborg.

Pumpkin season is here - Soups, pies, spice lattes or just plain old decoration for Halloween. Whatever you use them for, where do you even get them? Here's a list of places in and around Helsingborg. Most of the farms are quite quick to respond on Facebook, so it might be a good idea to message them a day or two before you plan to visit to check availability. And if you'd like, once you've visited, please do drop a message to me (even more awesome with a picture), so that This is Hbg can update others.

1. Pilshults Gårdsbutik

Pilshults Gårdsbutik

SEK 38 each (Please check variety from farm)

Timings: Thursday: 1400-1800; Friday 1200-1600; Saturday - 1100-1600

Location - Pilshultsvägen 6, Helsingborg (Near Mariastaden)


2. Andersson Farm’s Gårdsbutik

Andersson Farm’s Gårdsbutik

Variety of pumpkins available from SEK 10 - 150

Phone - 070-747 73 02


3. Gårdsbutiken - Nylanders Rött & Grönt

Gårdsbutiken Nylanders Rött & Grönt

Pumpkins from SEK 15 per kg

Location - Nytorpsvägen 9025730, Rydebäck

Timings - Thursday & Friday - 0900-1800; Saturday & Sunday - 0900-1600

Phone - 042-22 11 29


4. Önsvala Grönt

Önsvala Grönt

This farm is a little far, but specializes in cultivation and sale of ornamental Halloween and food pumpkins.

Timings: Tuesday - Friday - 1400 - 1800; Friday - Sunday : 1000-1600

Location - Önsvalavägen 42, Staffanstorp, Sweden

Phone - 070-293 09 94

5. Flower Team

Flower Team

The store in Väla has not yet updated their pumpkin information, but this is a post from previous years for you to have an idea of the variety (bigger ones priced at SEK 98). If you go there and find any information, please do drop a message for this post to be updated.

Location - Djurhagshusvägen 17, 260 36 Ödåkra-väla

Phone - 042-38 38 40

Website -


You can visit the big grocery stores (ICA, COOP, HEMKÖP etc.) to get pumpkins, usually available at a price of SEK 15 per kg (approximately). Small decorative pumpkins are also available in IKEA (Garden section).

If any information is incorrect, or if you have more inputs to add, please drop a message or send an email to Happy pumpkin shopping!


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