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Instagram accounts which tell you more about Helsingborg

Moved here recently or been here for long but don’t know much about the city? If you’re on Instagram, then here are a few accounts to follow for great tips, stories and pictures. Some will take you back into history and others will make you notice a lot more the next time you step out.

Helsingborg City Archive: If you’re a history buff or plain curious about what the city looked like before you moved (Well, much before you moved), this is the account you should follow. Some fascinating pictures from earlier, you would even recognize some of the streets! Follow the account here.

Helsingborg architecture: Fascinated with the different styles of architecture in the city? From classical to modern, there’s a lot for the eye to see. Follow this account to know more about the city’s architecture.

Public Art in Helsingborg: Have you seen art pieces around the city and wondered what they were? Now you can find out. The Culture Administration (Kulturförvaltningen) through Kulturmagasinet (The Culture Magazine) looks after the management and maintenance of the city’s public artwork. Follow the account here.

Trees of Helsingborg - Can anyone ever guess the varieties of trees found in Helsingborg. Everywhere you look, there’s a beauty. And there’s an Instagram account for this. Anyone who is interested in the trees of Helsingborg, follow this account here.

Helsingborg Flower program - Most of us would have pictures of the flowers in the city during spring and summertime. Did you know this involves a lot of planning, almost a year in advance? Know more about the flowers and their names on this account here.


Do you know any other interesting accounts? Maybe pages on Facebook? Comment or send a message!



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