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Hbg Together: Phase 1 live

This is a difficult time for everyone, but a lot more for local businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers. We shop from them, eat from their restaurants, drink from their bars, use their services, and that's what they are relying on now that we are facing not just a health crisis but also an economic one.

But how does one help? Should we support the ones we know? What about the others? That's where Hbg Together comes in.

What is Hbg Together?

Hbg Together aims to catalogue and promote local businesses all in one place to make it easier for consumers to find information. The goal is simple - highlight all the efforts local businesses and entrepreneurs are making with the hope that it will reach the people of the city. Of course goes without saying, these listings will be free.

Phase 1: Phase 1 to start submitting the information is now live. If you are a business in Helsingborg, you can visit and answer some basic questions to get started. Are you offering home delivery? Do you have gift cards? Do you offer online alternatives or discounts? Submit your information which will be available to residents once the main website is up and running (Soon!). Hbg Together will also aim to crowdsource information from residents who will be able to submit information about a business.

Support Local

If you can, support local businesses in whichever way you can. You could buy a gift card which can be used later or as a present for someone. If you know you are going to buy something later, maybe for someone’s birthday, why not purchase it now? Give yourself a break from cooking and order a meal. Leave a nice review for a business, these small steps go a long way!

Get Involved

Do you have an idea to be involved in this project? Send an email on and let’s talk.


HBG Together is being created as part of This is Hbg with the support of Action Helsingborg.



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