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Öresundskraft offers Free Internet during the Corona Crisis

Öresundskraft are offering free internet during this period for those who have not yet ordered any internet service but are connected to the Öresundskraft Stadsnät. This means that if your house/apartment is connected to the city fiber network, you can avail this service.

Through this service, Öresundskraft aims to make it easier for residents of Helsingborg, Bjuv and Höganäs to stay in touch with friends and family members, participate in distance/online education and also continue to work from home.


  • For those who are connected to Öresundskraft, Höganäs or Bjuvs Stadsnät (Fiber network) but have not ordered any internet service.

  • For 10Mbit/s internet until 31 May 2020

  • Only for ordering through any of the service providers: A3, Bahnhof, Broadband2, Riksnet or Universal Telecom. Their contact details are available on -

  • Without binding time or startup fee

  • Deactivation occurs after May 31, 2020 if you do not choose to extend the service

How do I know if my house or apartment is connected to the network?

Stadsnätet (local fiber network) is part of the fiber infrastructure in Helsingborg. All public buildings, schools, Helsingborgshems apartments are already connected to this network.

Visit and enter your address to find out if you are connected or not.


If you have questions or would like to read more, head to -


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