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Facebook Groups You Can Join to Help Others During the Corona Outbreak

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

While many of us are continuing to live as normal a life as possible, there are a few groups who especially have to be careful during this period. High risk groups such as the elderly or those with certain pre-existing conditions are choosing to self isolate and not even stepping out for groceries.

Now, it is possible to order things online, but because of the high demand, the time for delivery is much longer than expected (I tried - The closest date I got was four days later for basic groceries!!). So what do people do but risk and venture out? Thankfully, people around Sweden have started online (and offline) initiatives to solve this problem. And if you are healthy and continue to do your own shopping, you can help someone else by doing theirs too.

Here are some of the Facebook groups you can join to help out in Helsingborg.

Corona Helsingborg. Hjälpa med att handla & stötta varandra. (Corona Helsingborg. Help with shopping and supporting each other) - Here, you can write about what specifically you can help with. There are also discussions about how to carry out the voluntary work in a safe manner.

Corona - Hjälp till med inköp av livsmedel till riskgrupper i SKÅNE - (Corona - Help with food purchases for risk groups in Skåne) - This is a larger group for all those who live in Skåne. It is for both - those who can help and those who need help. If you join, you can post by mentioning what area in Skåne you live in and how you can help.

Corona - Hjälp till med inköp av livsmedel till riskgrupper - Helsingborg (Corona - Help with food purchases for risk groups - Helsingborg) - You can mention what you can help with. There are also efforts to spread information about this groups in various areas of Helsingborg to reach out to the people who might need help.

#DinGranneHär - Tillsammans För Våra Grannar Och Riskgrupper - (#YourNeighbourHere - Together For Our Neighbours And Risk Groups) - Perhaps the most popular group, this one includes members from throughout Sweden. You may have already seen the template message created (See image) which you can fill and share with your neighbours. But before you do, please do read through the guidelines of how and when to help.

If you know of any other initiatives, please comment or send a DM or e-mail to

Please also remember to take care of your own health before helping others. This is for your own safety and those around you. Please also be mindful of financial transactions while helping others. Read through the group guidelines, ask questions if you do not understand something. And take care!!


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