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Co-working and Networking is Everything - Faisal Albinali

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

When my partner and I started working on developing our business idea, more than a year ago, we would usually work from home. After a while, we started to feel dull, isolated and missed the everyday hustle-bustle and interactions that normally happen at any workplace. So, we decided to take our work hours somewhere else where we can be inspired, energized and can meet people from the local community.

Luckily, my partner knew about a co-working space called Mindpark. The bottom floor called Open Space is an area open to everyone and is supported by the municipality for entrepreneurs, start-ups, students and anyone who needs a place to work or study. In the beginning, we were a little shy and uncomfortable like any strangers walking into an unfamiliar place with unknown people. Gradually, we started interacting with the people and started building our network. We, also, went to free valuable events that are held there by various organizations and individuals. It did not take long until we figured out how important this place was to develop any business. It was an all-in-one place where we can sit and focus on our work but also build our network and learn.

Today after more than a year of co-working, interacting and networking, we have our own little informal booth at Open Space. Most of the people who work there know us and some even join us for ‘after-work’. The cafe staff has warmed up to us quite a bit and even offer us freebies once in a while. Now, we are also one of the organizations that conduct events at Open Space regularly.

So if you are new in Helsingborg, are a student, are looking for work or working on small/solo projects, my advice to you would be to head straight to Open Space. And here are a few more tips to keep in mind:

  • Come before 9 am to find a working place/booth before it gets occupied.

  • Buy a coffee card. Students get a special discount! The coffee is delicious and very addictive!

  • Get to know the events’ manager. She is super friendly and has a vast network which makes her a good contact resource.

  • Be friendly with the cafe staff and you might just receive freebies!!

  • Dedicate a few minutes to talk with someone random. You never now which conversation gets you where.

  • And when you’re here - Look out for us - Peers Bridge and come say hi!

Faisal Albinali is one of the founders of Peers Bridge, a social enterprise which works on cultural integration of newcomers through courses and workshops. It also hosts the 'Helsingborg Business Forum' once every month.

Read more about Mindpark here -

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