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Spring Cleaning - What to Do with Bulky Waste

With Spring just around the corner, it’s time to get your cleaning hats on. With Spring signifying a new beginning, it’s the perfect time to tidy up our homes and let go of the things we will probably not use anymore. But for many of us who move here, one of the first intimidating experiences to encounter is the sorting and disposal of waste. Don’t be surprised to find a note if you’ve sorted it all wrong. So then, what do you do with all the stuff that you want to discard after your spring cleaning, especially big and bulky items?

Here’s what you do -

For times when you have a lot of things to dispose of, especially items which are bulky, you can visit the Helsingborg recycling centre. Here you can drive through and sort your waste into several categories.

Address - Återvinningscentral, Välavägen 222, 254 68 Helsingborg (

Cost (private person) - If you are registered with Helsingborg municipality, you can access the recycling centre free of cost 12 times in a year (which you cannot transfer). This cost is per person. If you have used up your free visits, it costs SEK 250 plus VAT for each time. If you own several properties here, you can only get 12 free visits, and not more.

Cost (Business owner) - If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, the cost for each visit is SEK 200 (excluding VAT) which can be paid on-site by card. You can also apply for a customer card and receive an invoice.

How and what to pack - The NSR website also advises you to pack according to a list, so that you can dispose of the items in the right place. Use the following list to pack -

- Bulky waste and recycling - metal scrap, wood

- Garden waste - leaves, grass, rice and branches

- Packages of paper, metal, plastic, glass and magazines

- Hazardous waste and electronic waste - paint, chemicals, lamps, batteries

- Whole furniture, clothing, shoes

And here is a map by NSR which you can once you are in facility -

What ID do I need to enter the facility?

You can use this service either with your Swedish driving license or with a ÅVC card. This is card you can apply for at your first visit, if you do not have a driving license.

Other useful information -

At this facility, you can also drive in a little further to the reuse section where you can leave clothes and textiles which are collected by Human Bridge. You can also leave furniture and home furnishings which are picked up by NSR partners Emmaus Fredriksdal and Activa.

You can also buy soil, wood and mud chips from the recycling centre.



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