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Want to paint a tunnel in Helsingborg?

Isn't it amazing to see so much art around the city? From tunnels to walls, there's a whole lot of color being added every few months. Now you have a chance to get involved and try out your creative skills. Helsingborg City is inviting proposals and ideas to repaint a tunnel in the month of July 2020.

Here are a few details about this initiative:

  • Anyone can submit an idea either as an individual or a group of people

  • You can submit a sketch, description and/or an idea presentation of how you would like to repaint the tunnel.

  • The jury will select three finalists in June and then there will be public voting for the final winner.

  • The winner will get the assignment to paint the tunnel and SEK 30,000 along with materials or other costs.

  • The tunnel will be painted at the end of July.

Important points to note:

  • Your artwork should radiate a feeling of positivity. It should be something that is interesting to look at not only from up close, but also when one is approaching the tunnel.

  • Your ideas must be submitted latest by May 17, 2020. Anything received after will not be accepted.

  • You should be available to paint for a continuous period of ten days (maximum) at the end of July.

How to submit an application:

Send your idea/sketch/presentation to

Location of the tunnel:

Under Malmöleden, between Närlunda and Gåsebäcksvägen

(Google maps)

Read more here -

Winner 2019:

Last year, a similar contest was held and the winner was Christofer "Sagie" Svedjeby, a graffiti artist. He was commissioned to repaint the pedestrian and bicycle tunnels under the

Oljehamnsleden trail to Gåsebäck which you may have come across already.

Photo from (c) Bertil Hagberg


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