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Useful Mobile Apps For Life In Sweden

Let’s face is so much easier now that phones remember and do everything for us. I do miss the good old days of writing letters, taking notes and living the old school way, but that’s a conversation for another time. Here’s a roundup of all the apps that have really helped me in my daily life in Sweden.


Swish - Swish is so commonly used here in Sweden that the word now has its own verb form (att swisha - to swish). Perfect for splitting the bill with friends, transferring money to someone or to pay at local markets, Swish is an online bank payment app which is linked to your Bank ID.

Mobile Bank ID - Bank ID is a security app used as an e-ID for mobile phones and tablets. Using this, one can make electronic signatures for e-services in banks and other organisations. Whenever you create a bank account, your bank will help you create this Bank ID, which you can then use to access other apps. To log into many apps, you will need to legitimise and log in through your Bank ID.

Kivra - Using this app is your way of committing to the environment! Your own digital mailbox, Kivra delivers your municipal mail straight into your account digitally. Of course, you need to use Bank ID to register and log in. You can access Kivra through the website or the app available for Apple and Android.


Skanetrafiken - A must-have travel app! Skanetrafiken allows you to purchase single, 24 hour and 30-day tickets. So if you ever forget your Jojo card or it doesn’t have enough money, you can always use the app to travel. All buses are equipped with scanners for these digital tickets.

SJ - Swedish Railways - Useful app for regional travel within Sweden. The app provides you with quick and easy booking of tickets which you can use digitally for your travel. Available for both Apple and Android.


Guide Helsingborg - Media guides, city tours and an event calendar, this is an initative by the city of Helsingborg. Available for both Apple and Android.

Blocket - Want to buy or sell something? Or maybe rent? Then this is the place to go! Widely used in Sweden, this website/app is used for household items, cars, property and even jobs! If you find something you like, you can message the seller directly on blocket.

1177 - 1177 provides information, services and advice within healthcare in Sweden. While you can log on to the website and book appointments, access your health journal, it is now also possible to log on to 1177 through an app. Available for Apple and Android, you can log into your account using Bank ID.

Stocard - I stopped using wallets when I came to Sweden thanks to digital payments! But just when I thought I’d gotten rid of my wallet, then came the loyalty cards. And then carrying all of them every day is another huge pain. Thankfully, there’s a solution for everything and I do owe a big thank you to my husband for this find. Stocard stores all your loyalty cards digitally. You can either scan the card or enter your card number manually. Works with Ikea family, ICA, Ahlens, Coop, Apotek, City Gross and many many others.

Eventbrite - This is not a Swedish app but is used quite widely here. Most event organizers use this for registration and when you sign up, the app will store your tickets instead of hunting for the email at the last minute. You can also use the app to search for events nearby. Interested in events? Check out the article in how to best find events here.

Songkick - This is an app that I use personally a LOT. If you like going to concerts, then this the app just for you. You can find concerts through a location or by following artists.

Karma and ResQ - Used by quite a number of cafes to sell surplus food at discounted prices. Download the app, follow the cafes/restaurants and get push notifications whenever there is food being sold near you. The peak time is usually right after lunch and dinner.

Is there any other app you use regularly which is not on the list? Comment below!



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