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Urban Window Gallery - Public Art in Helsingborg

With theatres and museums closed, no access to Denmark and no events, cultural life has come to a standstill. While there's quite a lot to see and do online, it gets quite tiring to be sitting in front of a screen, doesn't it? Are you wondering when you can get a cultural art fix? Presenting the Urban Window Gallery.

Four store windows featuring art installations. A bicycle in front of the picture.
Section of the Urban Window Gallery, Helsingborg City Centre

A collaboration between set designer and architect Jeanette Gostomski, Helsingborgs Stad, Helsingborg City, Dunkers Kulturhus, Kulturhotellet and property owners, the project is transforming empty store windows in the city into an art gallery. There are around 15 vacant shop premises which will be used to display various forms of installations and artistic designs.

The route stretches from Gåsebäck in the South to Tågaborg in the North and you can use the map below to find all the artwork. The goal of the project is to give residents and visitors an opportunity to experience art and culture in public space. It's also great because you can do this in your own time and keep a distance while you check out all the artwork.

The windows feature different forms of spatial designs and artistic expressions such as photography, film, literature, poetry, music, design and digital art.

Urban Window Gallery is an initiative of set designer and architect Jeanette Gostomski. The project was carried out in Malmö this summer with the aim of offering people the opportunity to experience art and culture in a safe way.

Artists (and locations) featured in the Urban Window Gallery are:

The project will be implemented in Helsingborg between December 4, 2020, and March 28, 2021.

Follow the Urban Window Gallery on Instagram here for updates.


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