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Helsingborg is 2023's Sweden's third best student city

Helsingborg is 2023's Sweden's third best student city - two spots after Stockholm in first place and Malmö in second, as per an annual survey by Studentum! 🎉

The ranking is based on the following parameters:

🔷 Career opportunities in the city

🔷 Student accommodation (reasonable rent, queue time, location)

🔷 Student life (range of activities, student unions and associations)

🔷 Possibility of extra work during study period

🔷 Range of leisure activities (e.g. sports, hobbies)

🔷 City life (range of cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs)

🔷 Possibility of Masters and Postgraduate studies

🔷 Possibility of finding an internship

🔷 Good connections within and adjacent to the city (conditions for public transport, bicycle, train)

Grattis, Helsingborg! 😍

Want to know more about the ranking and how other cities scored? Head to Studentum's website here -

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