Street Art 2020 - Where can you find this year’s new street art in Helsingborg?

2020 saw a huge boom in the street art scene in Helsingborg. Walk around in Söder and there’s hardly a direction where you wouldn’t find creativity spilling on to the streets and walls. Here are some of the new pieces that you can find in Helsingborg, created as part of ArtStreetHbg.

Rotblöta, H.O.N. (Sweden)

Hilma Nordéns (H.O.N) depicts Swedish primeval forests (old-growth forests) in this piece which you can find on Carl Krooks Gata 17. Who guards these forests? Who walks the paths in the evenings? This motif is inspired by stumps, mud, dark waters found in these forests.

Location: Carl Krooks Gata 17

Artist links: Instagram | Website


Magic Portals, Julia Rio (Sweden)

Enter a parallel universe where nature, magic and movement meet each other. Check out this video by ArtStreetHbg.

Location - Furutorpsgatan 29

Artist links - Instagram | Website


Stronger than you think, Karin Söderquist (Sweden)

Karin Söderquist's work is a tribute to all who dare to be themselves, break norms and live as they wish, even if the world tells them to be different.

Location: Bryggaregatan 34

Artist links: Instagram | Website


PRWND (Denmark)

This work of the Danish artist Jonas Molbæk represents a young hand on two older hands, symbolizing generations and the passage of time. Here's a video by ArtStreetHbg of the artist in action.

Location: Bryggaregatan 40

Artist links: Instagram | Website


Southsiders, Etile1 (Sweden)

Located right next to the student accommodation at Furutorpsgatan 49, this is an interesting abstract piece of work, where different cultures and people meet and interpret it, exactly how they want to. How would you interpret this? Check out the artist's other work with lettering on the links below.