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Stories of self isolation & working from home

Even though there is no lockdown in Helsingborg or Sweden, a number of residents have chosen to stay in. Many companies have taken proactive steps to ask their employees to work from home, and others are individuals who find it safer to be indoors. For many, the occasional walk and trips to the grocery stores continue. So how is this new lifestyle of being indoors and virtual interactions treating people? I asked residents about how they are coping and to share some pictures of their "home offices". Here are some of the responses. Would you also like to share yours? Send an email to

Akash, India

Tips for others: "Take regular breaks, set up frequent calls with colleagues and friends ( virtual fika breaks) , play online games and solve puzzles."

Kasia, UK/Poland

Tips for others: "If you can, plant some seeds. The daily progress and having something to look after are a great benefit. You absolutely don't need much space, and it's a cheap and fun way to add some purpose to your days."

Vera Wang, China

Tips for others: "Try to do something that you are interested in. Like reading books, cooking, gardening or painting and so on. Calm down and enjoy the only time that you don’t have to do something."

Sumit Karna, Nepal

Tips for others: "You have to keep busy and not let the boredom get to you . What's happening in the world is out of your control and you can only be a responsible citizen by self-isolating yourself. Things will change soon."

Karan Honavar, India

Tips for others: "I need the tips!"

Helen, USA

Tips for others: "Being bored is good. People become creative when bored. So, no tips."

Charbel, Lebanon

Tips for others: "Start a new project, with something that you really like and takes the majority of your day, something you always wanted to do. Take the first step and you will be is the right place."

Alina, Ukraine

Tips for others: "Go for a walk or run, it definitely helps."

Archit Bharadwaj, India

Tips for others: "Play Monopoly"


Have more tips? Want to write about your experience and share something with others? Comment or send an email to - Remember, we're all in this together :)



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