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Helsingborgs Stadsteater - Online theatrical experience in English

The covid crisis hit local businesses and entrepreneurs hard, but among the ones hit hardest are those working in the cultural sector. The closure of theatres and concert houses meant a lot of out-of-the-box thinking and improvisation. But if there’s one thing synonymous with theatres, it is that to improvise!

A new play called Trädgårdsgatan (Garden Street) was premiered by Helsingborgs Stadsteater sometime in mid-February. The performance was rehearsed and recorded via the digital communication tool, Zoom. And to make the play accessible to an international audience, the theatre has now added Engish subtitles which is available to view for free directly on the theatre’s website.

Digital mediums provide a solid potential to expand accessibility and provide proximity to the acting, giving the audience to closely observe expressions and interaction, providing a different experience than what you would see on stage.

About the play:

Trädgårdsgatan is a warm and heartfelt depiction of a divided Helsingborg and Sweden in transition. The play depicts three generations of women and their arduous efforts to deal with every-day life with work, marriage and children in the 1970s, 2000s and 2020s. Almost 50 years separate them, but they are united in their longing for a simpler and better life.

At the centre of the story is Birgitta, who is made redundant when the Swedish Public Employment Service undergoes a reorganization. At the same time, she inherits her mother’s apartment on Trädgårdsgatan, an address that literally divides Helsingborg in two, a North and a South. The memories of her mother and grandmother are brought back to life.

Trädgårdgatan is available to watch online for free in Swedish and with English subtitles English translation on the Helsingborgs Stadsteatre website until 31 March. You can also watch it on the player below.

Duration: 1 hour 39 minutes

Performances by: Sasha Becker, Evamaria Bjork, Birgitta Rydberg and Ulla Tylén

By: Jörgen Dahlqvist

Directed by: Linda Ritzén

Set design and costume: Yvonne Eriksson

Mask design: Julia Westerlund

Light, audio and video design: Jörgen Dahlqvist

Telematic concept: Linda Ritzén and Jörgen Dahlqvist


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