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Skånetrafiken offers discounted tickets for Sportlov

Skånetrafiken has introduced a Sportlov ticket for children and young adults between the ages 7 and 19.

With this ticket which costs SEK 100, one can freely travel as much within Skåne using buses and trains. The aim is for children and young adults to get to and from their places of activities easily and at low cost.

Quick facts about the ticket:

  • Cost - SEK 100

  • Where can you buy it from - Skånetrafiken app or website. You can even visit the Station and purchase a card from there.

  • The ticket is not personal and can be lent.

  • The ticket is also valid on Ventrafiken ferries to and from Ven.

  • The ticket is valid on all routes run by Skånetrafiken with city buses, regional buses, Öresund trains, Pågatågen, Krösatågen and local traffic.

Read more about the Sportlov ticket here -

What is Sportlov?

Between Weeks 7 and 10, a week-long holiday takes place in Sweden called ‘Sportslov’ or simply, Sports break. This is the period when you will find most Swedish families leaving cities and towns to head out to ski slopes.

Did you know - Historically, Sportlov was introduced during World War II ration coke (fossil fuel, not the drink!) which was used for heating in schools.



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