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Open Map: Sledding (pulka) spots in Helsingborg

We've had quite a few days of snow this winter, haven't we? Do you love snow? or do you LOVE snow? It's so lovely to wake up to a blanket of white.

What's synonymous with snow - the toboggan! Also known as the sled, sledge, sleigh. What do you call it? Are you looking for some new spots for yourself or your kids? Here are some places to get you started. Please note information and locations are sourced from an Instagram story we did where we asked readers to share their best 'pulka location tips' . If you find an error, do report it back to us and we will update the map.

In the meantime, feel free to add locations, pictures and details (and your name if you want to!) so that everyone can enjoy some outdoor activity!

Have something to say? Send an email - or use the contact page to send a message or to reach our social media pages. ♥️


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