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Skånetrafiken releases summer ticket 2021

It’s time for Skãnetrafiken summer ticket! It's still not time to start vacationing internationally. But if you're planning to explore Skåne, this ticket will be very useful for you. The ticket goes on sale today (June 01) and will be valid between 15 June and 15 August.

Here are some useful details:

  • As usual, it is valid between 15 June and 15 August and the price is SEK 699.

  • The ticket is valid on all routes operated by Skånetrafiken with city buses, regional buses, Öresund trains, Pågatågen and Krösatågen.

  • The summer ticket can be used by a maximum of three people travelling together, of which at most one may have reached the age of 20 (The condition is that you all travel together).

  • If you want it on a travel card, you can buy it at, in a ticket machine or over the counter at a customer centre.

  • LEND A CARD - You can lend your summer ticket by using the 'My Account' section in the Skanetrafiken app. As per the new rules for lending tickets, the summer ticket can be lent 31 times to a maximum of five different mobile numbers.

  • If you are travelling outside Skåne, you buy a ticket from the first station outside Skåne to your destination.

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