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Self-pick Apples In and Around Helsingborg

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Want to go picking apples? Here are a few options outside Helsingborg you can try this coming weekend! If you have questions, don't hesitate to call the farms and get more information:

Kattviks Frukt - Self picking of apples for four weekends in the autumn. Read here to know which varieties are available. Please bring your own packaging Timing - Saturday & Sunday, 0900-1700 Call on 0431-73133 or 073-9165720 for more details

Glorias Applegård - Self picking of apples, please bring your own packaging.

Timing - Saturday & Sunday, 11.00-17.00

Call on 046-133211 or 0705-133211 for more details

Nybrodal's Apple - Please call on 070-346 06 40 to know the availability of apples before visiting.

MAPS TO FIND FRUITS (Helsingborg and outside)

Fruktkartan - Fruktkartan (The fruit map) is an open database with fruit trees in public areas. Anyone can add, edit or delete trees that do not fit there. Check out which apple trees (and other fruit trees) are around you from which you can pick some for yourself.

Fruktformedlingen - Here's another map on which you can filter whether the fruits are available to pick on private or public property. Created by Äkta vara.

Did you know that only 5 per cent of Swedish apples are eaten? And yet we import large quantities of apples that are transported a long way here. (Via NSR). So many of our fruits fall and rot to waste. Don't miss this article on what you can do with your fallen fruit.


Have any more tips for self-picking? Share in the comments or send a message/email to


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