Guided Tours - Helsingborg City Hall - Rådhuset

Updated: Apr 1

As soon as you reach the centre of the city, there is a magnificent sight that you possibly cannot miss. Ornate towers and stained glass windows - this is the iconic Rådhuset which dates back to 1897.

Did you know - Helsingborg's "new town hall" was designed by 26-year-old Alfred Hellerström who submitted the winning entry for an architectural competition held in 1889. In the beginning, apart from the city council, the police and the fire brigade were also situated at Rådhuset.

Now, the municipal council holds its meetings at the hall and has an office for administration of the council.

Although the City Hall is closed for the public, the city now wants to open its doors on selected days. Therefore, there are now open days where you can enter the building and admire this beautiful architectural marvel from inside.

There are several dates in 2020 when you can visit the city hall - both with and without tours. Details below:

Tip - Use the 'Guide Helsingborg' mobile app for a guide of the City Hall.

Open days with guided tours - 2021

Rådhuset will be open on the following dates from 11:00 to 14:00, with the exception of Tuesdays and Thursdays in July when the opening timings will be 10:00 to 14:00.

Guided tours will be on all occasions, except in the month of July. You do not need to sign up for the guided tours.

  • Saturday, April 24 (Guided tour)

  • Saturday, May 29 (Guided tour)

  • Thursday, July 01 (No Guided tour)

  • Tuesday, July 06 (No Guided tour)

  • Thursday, July 08 (No Guided tour)

  • Tuesday, July 13 (No Guided tour)

  • Thursday, July 15 (No Guided tour)

  • Tuesday, July 20 (No Guided tour)

  • Thursday, July 22 (No Guided tour)

  • Tuesday, July 27 (No Guided tour)

  • Thursday, July 29 (No Guided tour)

  • Saturday, August 28 (Guided tour)

  • Saturday, September 25 (Guided tour)

  • Saturday, October 30 - (Guided tour - Halloween theme)

  • Saturday, November 27 (Guided tour)

  • Saturday, December 18 - (Guided tour - Christmas theme)

Other details:

  • There is no registration. The guided tours start at the entrance from Drottninggatan 2, from there you will be shown correctly by the staff.

  • The tours are free and depart once every half hour, starting at 1100. The final tour leaves at 13:30.

  • Tours are in Swedish but you can always ask questions in English if needed. The Guide Helsingborg app can also be useful to have which gives you a guided audio tour in English. So in case you would rather explore on your own, use the app. Download for Apple and Google Play here.

UPDATE: Because of the coronavirus and the risk of spreading it, the visitors will be counted so that no more than than 50 people stay in the halls, with a maximum of 10 people in each guided group.

Read more here on the Helsingborgs Stad website.

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