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Long Term Parking Rental in Helsingborg

For many residents with cars, especially those who live in apartments near the city centre, parking can be quite tricky. But you can rent a long term parking space through Helsingborg Stad. The parking spots are available both outside on the ground or in parking garages. Here are all the places where you can find parking and how to do it.

ON GROUND PARKING: (Price inclusive of VAT)

Carl Krooks gata: SEK 400 per month

Fria bad: SEK 600 per month

Hallbecksgatan: SEK 400 per month

Kung Kristoffers gata: SEK 400 per month

Magasinet/Båthusgatan: SEK 750 per month

Olympia (entrance from Mejerigatan): SEK 400 per month

Poppeln: SEK 300 per month

Tranemansgatan: SEK 400 per month

Vildvinet: SEK 750 per month

Wienergatan: SEK 200 per month

IN GARAGE PARKING: (Price inclusive of VAT)

Dunkers Cultural Centre

All days: SEK 2,000 per month

Mon-Fri 24 hours: SEK 1,800 per month

Mon-Fri 7: 00-18: 00: SEK 1,350 per month

Hummern/Furutorpsgatan 76

Cars - SEK 500 per month

Mopeds - SEK 500 per month

Metropol, (entrance from Kaliforniegatan 11)

All days: SEK 1800 per month

Weekdays: 18:00 - 8:00 - SEK 800 per month

Weekdays: 08:00 - 18:00 - SEK 1,500 per month

Weekends: 18:00 - 8:00 - SEK 800 per month

Moped / Motorcycle (All days): 900 SEK per month

Bicycle (All days) : SEK 160 per month

Ryssland/ Upper and Lower Hantverkaregatan 23

All days: SEK 500 per month

Mon-Fri - 07:00-18:00: SEK 500 per month

Moped/Motorcycle: SEK 250 per month

Rådhusgaraget/Norra Strandgatan 7

All days: SEK 2,000 per month

Mon - Fri (24 hours) : SEK 1,800 per month

Night (Saturday and Sunday): SEK 800 per month


All days: SEK 1,800 per month

Mon-Fri (24 hours): SEK 1,600 per month

Mon-Fri 07.00-19.00: SEK 1,500 per month

Saturdays and Sundays (Night): SEK 800 per month

Electric car, all days: SEK 1,800 per month


Super simple - All you need to do is get in touch with the Helsingborg contact centre and let them know where you would like the parking spot. It is possible that at the time there may be no place available so you could be put in queue. For that period, use this map to find out weekly/daily parking in your area:

You can get in touch with the contact centre if you would like to book a parking space in the following ways -

Phone number: 042-10 50 00

E-mail address: .

Visiting address: Stortorget 17

Prefer to chat with them? Visit and use the chat option on the bottom right of the web page.

Have a disability? You can get a parking permit by registering here -



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