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Opening hours during Midsummer

The usual thing to do during midsummer for most of us is to head to Sofiero or Fredriksdal and spend the day there. This year, of course, will be quite different. But if you feel like not staying indoors and stepping out, here is information that is good to know:

SOFIERO: Even though there will be no celebration, the park and the exhibitions at the castle will remain open on Midsummer Eve (19th June) and Midsummer Day (20th June) between 10 a.m and 6 p.m. The regular entrance fee of SEK 120 will apply. If you have the Culture Card, the Summer Culture card or the Sofiero Year Card, you can enter for free. Read more here :

FREDRIKSDAL - No celebration, but the area will be decorated for midsummer. So maybe a picnic plan sounds good? Open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on both days. Read more here:

If you want to bring supplies for a picnic or a get-together, here are store timings which might be important to know:

Väla Centrum - Open on Friday from 10:00-15:00, Closed on Saturday

ICA Maxi Berga: Open on Friday from 0600 - 1800, Saturday (10-22). ICA will also be open for a few extra hours today (17th June) and tomorrow (18 June) from 0600 - 2300.

Coop Väla: Open both days, Friday 0800-1800, Saturday 1000-21:00

Ikea: Closed on both midsummer eve and midsummer day.

Systembolaget: All the Systembolaget in the city will be closed on Friday and Saturday

Apotek: All the branches are open on Friday and most are open on Saturday as well. To check timings of a branch near you, visit -

Most stores update their timings online, either on their websites or on social media. Be sure to check before you visit. For retail stores, restaurants, bars and cafes be sure to follow @hbgcity and @hbgtogether on Instagram.



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