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New Parking Fines from July 1

Since 2003, there have been three different levels of fines (SEK 300, 500, 700). As per a decision taken by the City Council, new parking fines will apply from Wednesday, July 1 in Helsingborg. Here are the updated fines:

SEK 600: If you have parked in a paid parking spot without paying a fee, or parked for longer than allowed in a parking spot.

SEK 800: Applies when there is a parking ban. For example, if you have parked on a main road, or when there is a parking ban once a month for cleaning (service days etc.)

SEK 1000: Applies to places where there is a prohibition on stopping.

SEK 1300: Applies to situations where there is a stopping ban and the situation can be dangerous to traffic and causes an obstruction. Example, too close to a pedestrian/bicyle path. And to park without a permit in a parking space reserved for the disabled.

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