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You can name the new bridge in Helsingborg

One of the great things about living in Helsingborg is the small ways you as a resident can get involved. Be it helping out others in times of crisis or by getting funding for your own project.

Now you can contribute with your ideas for the upcoming new S-shaped bridge between Oceanhamnen and Helsingborg C, which will be ready by summer 2021.

Bridge over the water, on one side there are pedestrians with prams and on the other side there are two cyclists. In the background there is a big building.
What the bridge will look like. Image (c) -

With the bridge, it will be possible for pedestrians and cyclists from Oceanhamnen to reach trains, buses and ferries in Helsingborg C in just a few minutes.

Now, the city needs your help in naming this bridge.

Exciting, isn’t it? Read on to know how you can send in your suggestions. Send in your ideas no later than 16th April, 2021 along with why you think it is the right name for the bridge. All the proposals will be compiled for a jury comprising of representatives from the city of Helsingborg tasked with the naming of the bridge. After that, the name will be up for decision in the city planning committee in June.

Here's how you can send in your suggestions (no later than 16th April):

  1. Facebook post - Click here to reach the city’s Facebook post, where they are collecting name suggestions for the bridge.

  2. If you do not want to give your suggestion in public, you can also call the Kontakt Center on 042-10 50 00 or send an email to

Some guidelines and things to look out for when you think of a name:

  • The names must follow accepted language rules and be easy to perceive, pronounce and write.

  • When naming people (memorial names), the person in question must be deceased and should also have a connection to the place.

  • Think long term!

  • When naming areas, it is ideal to find a theme that is connected to the site.

  • Want some inspiration to learn more about the area? Here are some stories and memories from Oceanhamnen

Here are a few more pictures from the construction phase.


Information via Helsingborgs Stad. Read more here -


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