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How to Find a Loppis Near You

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Walk or drive around in the countryside and you will come across many handwritten signs which say Loppis. From backyard sales to fundraising markets by sports associations, flea markets are a common sight in Sweden. These are the best places to buy and sell secondhand goods at bargain prices. And they come in all sizes - garage sales, outdoor markets, farmhouses, and even online auctions. Also - it’s ecofriendly to re-use items, so what’s not to love about a loppis!

So how do you find out about when and where they are happening? Look no further! This list is also helpful if you’re planning a trip somewhere in Sweden and want to check out the local flea markets.

Tip - If you’re planning to organize a loppis, don’t forget to add your listing on these websites.

Loppis Portalen - Search through a large directory of loppisar using filters like residence, garage, Christmas markets, online and more. You can also search for markets in different municipalities, in case you’re travelling somewhere and want to check out some local second-hand goods! For all of Sweden.

Loppis Kartan - Find a loppis on the map. Use filters like flea market, antiques and auctions while searching. For all of Sweden.

Loppmarknader i Skåne - Facebook group where you’ll find a lot of information on flea markets in Skåne, Blekinge, Halland and Småland.

Loppisar i Skåne - Facebook group for Skåne residents. You will find many people posting tips about upcoming flea markets. Looking for tips on flea markets on particular dates or specific areas? Post a query and it's almost certain someone will point you towards a loppis.

Svenska Loppisar - Another directory where you can filter through municipalities and look at recently added markets.

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You will find many groups on Facebook Loppis (city name) but many of them are buy and sell groups, different from a flea market listings. Do you use any other website or group? Comment below or send a tip to

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