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Learning Swedish? Look out for these websites and apps!

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Let’s just start with agreeing that learning a new language as an adult is NOT easy. I envy those who have a natural flair for languages. In fact, I met some of those lucky ones in SFI and wanted to hide when I heard them speak. Can you believe it - They’d even mastered the art of saying yes like a Swede, you know that gasp of breath? The first time I came here, I seriously wondered why everyone was so short of breath all the time!

While SFI gives you the opportunity to learn grammar and practice your speaking skills embarrassingly in front of a classroom, here are a few more websites and apps you should consider trying.

8 Sidor

An easy to read Swedish online newspaper. The articles are very short with the usage of easy words. You can even choose to listen to the article while reading it for better understanding of pronunciations. Make this one a daily habit. And what’s even better - 8Sidor also has an app! Find it on the Apple or Google Play Store.

Lexin Pro

This is a great mobile app to have especially when you’re learning new words. Lexin Pro is a dictionary with support for many languages. What I love about this app is that not only does it give you the meaning of a word, but also provides definition, synonyms and examples of how to use the word, thereby increasing your vocabulary way more.

Swedish language blog - Transparent language

This has to be the best blog around if you want to understand Swedish grammar in English. Concepts are explained in the simplest way possible. Not just language, there are also a number of posts on Swedish culture which makes learning a lot of fun.


A fun way to learn Swedish, Memrise can be accessed through their website or by downloading the app. It uses games, videos and many other tools that help you remember words. It uses mnemonics so that you do not forget the words you learnt in a previous level. Out of the many apps out there, this one is worth giving a try. The app is free and only requires registration.

SVT Sprakplay

Another great free app to practice reading and listening. With this app, you can watch the news in easy Swedish which comes inbuilt with subtitles. The best part is you can click on each word for the definition in English. There is language support for more than 15 languages. You will come across many many more websites and apps so the list can be endless. However, these are some really good ones to start with which also make learning a lot of fun!

If you have any more suggestions which can be helpful for others, comment below!



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