Important links for information on COVID-19 (Sweden & Helsingborg)

Updated: Nov 17

If you are looking for updated information about the virus, follow these links to keep yourself updated. Most of these websites are updating information more than once a day.

Public Health Authority (Partly in English)

Information in other languages

Skåne related information

Breakdown of number of cases per municipality (municipality wise)

Self assessment (online) by Region Skåne

International travel restrictions

Book an Antibody test

Book a self test (pick up or drive to sampling site)

Travel certificates

COVID-19 related news in English by The Local

This is Hbg - Restrictions, updates and information for Helsingborg

Official updates by Helsingborgs Stad

Information related to Helsingborg schools

Information for business owners and entrepreneurs

Action Helsingborg

List of NGOs in Helsingborg helping during COVID-19

  • Ban on travel into Sweden from non-EU countries extended till December 22

  • People over the age of 70 or those who fall in risk groups will now be covered by the same recommendations as all other groups

  • Limit on nightclubs and public dance events - 5O people limit

  • Danish border closed (with some exemptions)

  • Culture and sports events limit to 300. Region Skåne continues to limit numbers to 50

  • Update (3rd November) - No more than eight people may sit at the same table in cafes and restaurants.

  • Update (16 November) - No more than eight people can participate in public events from November 24 up to four weeks.

Read more articles related to the Covid-19 situation. - Find all the other COVID-19 related information here.

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Facts and figures will not be published here since all of it is available on the links above and are updated regularly. Most information is in Swedish. If you are looking for any specific information, please reach out to the relevant organisation. You can also send an email to and I will try my best to help you in whichever way possible.




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