Important links for information on COVID-19

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Here is a compilation of all the important links from Helsingborg and Sweden related to COVID-19. These cover healthcare, testing, vaccinations, travel, restrictions and more.

Swedish Public Health Authority - Updates, restrictions and recommendations, FAQs

Government of Sweden - Official information, press releases and strategies

Information in other languages - Public health agency official information in different languages

COVID-19 self-test: How to book a COVID-19 self-test (at home and sample site drive-in)

Travel certificate: Where can you get travel certificates for COVID-19 in Helsingborg

Book an Antibody test: How to book an anti-body test with your health centre

Vaccination in Skåne: Order or priority, updates by Region Skåne and other information

Self-assessment (online) by 1177 and Region Skåne

Number of cases in Helsingborg (and other municipalities)

Number of cases in Skåne

Number of cases in Sweden

International travel restrictions - Krisinformation

Copenhagen airport (Kastrup) - Information on travel bans, restrictions, requirements etc.

COVID-19 updates in Denmark - Restrictions, information on entry/exit