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Travel from India to Helsingborg during the pandemic

Helsingborg residents Karan and Divya travelled back from Bengaluru, India to Helsingborg (via Paris) on Wednesday, 6th January 2021. They share useful tips and information for all those who are planning to travel from India to Sweden.

Karan and Divya on a flight to India.
Note: The following information is shared by residents as per their personal travel experience. Please also note that rules change regularly and if you are planning to travel, it is advised to check the latest updates with local authorities and airlines. If you are travelling back to Helsingborg (from whichever country) and would like to share tips with others, please send an email to with the subject COVID travel experience. 

The following is needed to enter Sweden from Copenhagen if you are travelling from India:

1. RT-PCR negative from a reputed testing institute in India. Authorities will verify that it is from a recognized institute. They check if the gene sequence is tested (UK variant especially).

2. Personbevis - This is to show that you live in the areas that are defined for entry like Skåne, Kronoberg etc. You can get your personbevis from the Skatteverket website using this link.

3. Residence permit and Passport to verify that you are returning from a trip and not entering the first time.

4. Taxi - If you plan to take a taxi, it is advisable to take a Swedish taxi from Copenhagen airport. A Danish one will result in you deboarding at the border and having to book another on the Swedish side.

5. Train - You have to de-board at Hyllie for checking and verification of all documents mentioned above and then take another train to your destination in Sweden. (Trains are running, but you will have to change. For the timings, please check Skånetrafiken website here.)

Karan further adds, “The authorities are not afraid to send you back as has been the case with some British nationals, especially without the COVID-19 certificate that states you are covid negative. They are quite strict as well. If you do not meet any of the above requirements, it is better to come to Landvetter airport in Gothenburg.


Do you have any questions regarding the COVID-19 crisis? Please send an email to and we will try our best to answer or put you in touch with someone who can help you.

Important Links:

Travel to Sweden during the pandemic, and all updates related to restrictions (Krisinformation, English) - Please note that while there is a entry ban from Denmark, those who have the right to stay in Sweden will be allowed to enter.


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