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Foundations & organisations you can donate to aid India’s covid crisis

Updated: May 11, 2021

India last week reported the world’s highest daily coronavirus cases as more than 400,000 people tested positive and over 4,000 people lost their lives. All of this in 24 hours. The country is fighting a desperate battle and this is far from over. Experts and data analysts estimate the deaths could be up to five times higher. Moreover, multiple and perhaps more transmissible variants are spreading across the country. The healthcare system is overwhelmed and hospitals are running out of oxygen. Crematoriums are full and a sense of helplessness looms over the country like a dark cloud.

People from around the world are now doing everything they can to support India and ensure it gets the supplies it needs. Here’s how you can pitch in. These are only a few of the many organisations and foundations doing everything they can to support healthcare, crematorium workers, marginalized groups and families suffering from COVID-19.

Please note that Indian organisations and charities need to be registered under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA) in order to receive foreign funds. Do a quick check before donating if the organisation is FCRA compliant.

HEMKUNT FOUNDATION - Helping with oxygen cylinders and supplies across Delhi (National Capital Region) and Mumbai via initiatives such as drive throughs for oxygen cylinders. 
Website | Facebook | Instagram | Donation link (Overseas) | Donation link (India) 

KHALSA AID - Sikh humanitarian organization providing support for medical programs in vulnerable communities including procuring and distribution of oxygen concentrators. 
Website | Facebook | Instagram | Donation link

GOONJ - Support daily wagers and migrant workers with everyday essentials and hygiene material. Donate here - 
Website | Facebook | Instagram | Donation link 

HELP NOW - An ambulance network set up by students is a 24 hour logistics network that is helping transport patients, frontline staff and life saving medical supplies. 
Donation link 

SEVA KITCHEN - Food and supplies for daily wage workers. Thousands of people across India are daily wage workers who cannot afford to feed themselves and their families due to the pandemic and the lack of work. SEVA Kitchen is working on tackling hunger. 
Website | Facebook | Instagram | Donation link 

FEEDING FROM FAR  - Feeding from Far is an initiative that has been feeding the poor and unemployed who are struggling to feed themselves during the covid-19 lockdown. It distributes ration kits that last a family of 5 for an entire week. The kit includes lentils, rice, wheat, sugar, salt, oil, red chilli powder and turmeric.
Facebook | Instagram | Donation link

ONE LESS BEER - Helsingborg based charity organisation run by a few Indians to support disadvantaged communities in India. They are accepting donations to support relief organisations in India. Check out their website here -

INDIAN HOME CHEF COMMUNITY IN HELSINGBORG : FOOD FOR A CAUSE - The Indian home chef community in Helsingborg is also tying up with local organisation One Less Beer. Order a meal for 14th May from a chef of your choice. Profits from each order will go towards OLB's relief work in India. More information and menus on the home chef group here - 

Would you like to explore other organizations to support? There are many small organisations helping communities like daily wage labourers, homeless, people with disabilities and more at a very hyperlocal level. It would be tough to list them all here, but you can find (and filter) on these top fundraising and crowdsourcing platforms in India:


Do you need more information regarding India's covid-19 crisis? Please send an email to and we will try our best to answer your queries or put you in touch with someone who can help you.


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