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Hug from a distance - Campaign by Region Skåne

Missing hugs and handshakes? Well, these are times we try something new so how about sending "air hugs" or a hug from a distance. This is exactly what Region Skåne is trying to emphasise on through their campaign called 'enkrampådistans' which translates to hug from a distance.

The idea of the campaign is simple - We are in this together and we need to support each other by remembering small things, such as;

✅ Keep a distance and avoid close social contacts

✅ Abstain from travel

✅ Stay home if you are sick

✅ Wash your hands

✅ Sneeze and cough in the arm fold

✅ Protect yourself if you are over 70 or in a risk group

✅ Show consideration

The campaign has also produced some visual material which you may have already seen on digital platforms. Here's one featuring a racoon -

And here's a lovely video with some useful tips (featuring humans, not a racoon!)

Would you like to share these visuals, maybe in another language? Head to and find posters, videos and images in Swedish, English, Arabic, Somali and Dari.

#Enkrampådistans to all of you!



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