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It's quite possible to get a little lost in all the information around you right now. On one hand there's a lot of facts, news, numbers and on the other hand many new initiatives are now coming up. So, if you want to help out, try or test your own idea and contribute - here are a few ways to get you started. If you would like to add something to this list, please feel free to comment, send a message or email at info@thisishbg.se


Helsingborg Volunteering Center - The easiest way to get started is to reach out to the Helsingborg Volunteer Center. You can reach them at volontarcenter@helsingborg.se and 042-10 50 00 (This number will direct you to the contact centre where you can ask to be connected to the volunteer center).

Associations in Helsingborg - Follow this facebook page to read about some of the immediate volunteering opportunities in the city - https://www.facebook.com/pg/foreningslivihelsingborg/

Godhjälp - Good Help aims to bring together people in risk groups with verified volunteers who help people with delivery of food and pharmacy products. On the website, you can sign up either as someone who belongs to the risk-group or as a volunteer : Read more here -https://www.godhjalp.se/

Nyby - Download the Nyby app and get connected with people digitally. Read more here about the app: https://www.thisishbg.se/post/nyby-helsingborg

Facebook groups - There are a number of facebook groups led by people who want to help during this period. Here is a list of some of them - https://www.thisishbg.se/post/facebook-groups-you-can-join-to-help-others-during-the-corona-outbreak


Näringslivsfonden corona - If you have an idea to support local businesses of Helsingborg, you can apply for financial support for up to SEK 50,000. You can apply as a private individual, company association or an organisation. The project requires that you carry out your project in Helsingborg (You don't have to be a resident though). More details with a long list of FAQs here - https://action.helsingborg.se/naringslivsfonden-corona/

Visionsfonden: You may already be familiar with Vision fund, from where you can receive up to SEK 100,000 to test an idea that will contribute to the city of Helsingborg.

Although the next application period is in August, if you currently have an idea that will help during this crisis (and can also aim for the Helsingborg Vision 2035), you can apply now. It will take approximately a week for a decision to be made. You don't have to be limited to healthcare or a digital solution. Tip: You can send a draft application before submitting it for feedback at visionsfonden@helsingborg.se


Tillsammansförcity : Read about what some businesses are offering during this period. There is also a delivery service initiated by the city for home delivery using box bikes (City leverar). Read more here: https://www.helsingborgcity.se/tillsammansforcity

Buy a gift card: Support a local business and buy a gift card. You can visit Your Local Hero and City present card.

Support through crowdfunding - Every contribution can make a big difference. Projects, companies and businesses in Helsingborg that you can support will be updated on the following link. Currently Tropikariet needs your support. Read more here - https://action.helsingborg.se/crowdfunding-helsingborg/

Tip : You can also submit your business here : https://relief.fundedbyme.com/submit-your-business/

Local initiatives list - Also read here about what some of the local businesses are doing. Have a tip? Send an email to info@thisishbg.se - https://www.thisishbg.se/post/localbusiness-covid19

Other useful links:

Action Helsingborg : A digital platform where everyone can find a way to make an effort and to contribute during these times. Visit www.action.helsingborg.se

H22/Together - The folks at H22 have compiled a list of initiatives and solutions in the city. You can also find a list of hashtags which can be particularly useful if you are looking for information. If you know of an initiative that can be added to the list, you can fill the suggestion form on the page. Read more here : https://h22.se/en/together/

Do you have any more tips? Share through comments, message or on email (info@thisishbg.se). You can also find other Helsingborg related information related to the corona crisis here - https://www.thisishbg.se/posts/categories/coronacrisis


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