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What is H22 and how can you be involved?

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Have you been seeing 'H22' everywhere and wondering what it means? Here’s a quick explainer of what it is and who can get involved.

Aerial view of a park and roads which are in a triangle shape
Drottninghög, Helsingborg. Image (c) H22

What is H22?

H22 is an international event, a city expo that will take place in Helsingborg in the summer of 2022. The expo will run for 35 days from May 30 to July 03 and will highlight three main areas of the city: Drottninghög, SeaU and Oceanhamnen.

But here’s the interesting part - H22 goes beyond the event and the expo. It is also about the journey leading up to it, and what lies ahead. Through this initiative, the city is exploring ways to become smarter and more sustainable to improve the quality of life of its residents. Did you know that it's official - Helsingborg is one of the most innovative cities in Europe? Read more here.

Why the name H22?

The H, of course, stands for Helsingborg and 22 refers to the year 2022 when the city expo will take place. This also has a reference in H55 and H99 held in 1995 and 1999 respectively, although those were limited exhibitions. Check out some images from these older exhibitions here :

Who’s involved?

H22 – The making of a smarter city is an initiative by Helsingborgs Stad and the municipally owned enterprises NSR, Helsingborgshem, Öresundskraft, Port of Helsingborg, Helsingborg Arena & Scen, NSVA and Räddningstjänsten Skåne nordväst. You can find it's complete list of partners here.

So it’s just about the municipality and companies?

No, it’s about you - the residents and people of Helsingborg. The entire initiative is for the city, for its people. The focus is on welfare and urban development solutions which help in improving the quality of everyday life.

Okay great! So how can I as a resident of Helsingborg be a part of it?

The great thing about H22 and Helsingborgs Stad is how approachable and accessible it is for residents. H22 is not just going to be an international event in 2022, but it is also about the journey to get there and beyond. And this is not possible without the people of the city. So here are different ways you can get involved :

All images (C) H22

Run your own project - Through Visionsfonden, you can test and try out an idea that you think may benefit the city. Apply for funding for up to SEK 100,000. Read more about Visionsfonden here.

And now, there's also a kids edition! Woop woop! Check it out here.

Become a host/ambassador of H22 - The H22 expo will attract thousands of visitors to the city and you can be one of the people who show them how your city is changing. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be a host for your own city? Interested? Send an email to

Test innovative solutions - One of the most exciting things about the city right now is how there are so many innovative and smart solutions coming up contributing to a sustainable way of living. But any new solution needs testing, and you can help! Send an email to H22 and express your interest to be a test pilot for new innovative solutions.

Plant a tree - Get involved in the UN’S Trees in Cities Challenge. Have you or your business planted any trees in 2020 or would you like to do so? You can report your planted trees here and become a part of the city’s efforts to become a greener city. Read more about the #Treesincitieschallenge and how to plant trees here -

Share your idea - We spoke to Soraya Axelsson, Head of H22 earlier who said they would love for people to come up with ideas and be a part of the process. If you feel you do not have the resources but have a simple solution for the city, share it with them and you never know where an idea can take you.

Watch this video to know more about H22

Here are additional links, follow H22 on social media to keep yourself updated about all the new solutions coming up in the city. Posts are also done in English.


Have an idea? Get in touch with them at or send an email to to get connected! You can also fill in their contact form here


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