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Gåsebäck Film Festival

This year is going to be fantastic! So happy to see the Gåsebäck Film Festival come to life - a new independent film festival dedicated to bringing a collection of international cinema to our city! 🎬

The festival is founded and run by producer and director Hussain Currimbhoy 👋 and will run between March 31 and April 2 at Verkstadgatan 11, Gåsebäck.📍

Which films can you catch at the Gåsebäck Film Festival?

🎞️ Swedish premiere of Cannes winner 'The Mountain' (France)

🎞️ ‘The Exam', Iraq's Oscar entry

🎞️ British experimental film 'Enys Men' straight from Cannes

🎞️ ‘The Fishbowl' from Sundance Film Festival (Spain)

🎞️ ‘Invisible Demons' (India)

🎞️ ‘The Oil Machine' (United Kingdom)

Tickets available on the website -



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