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Free Wifi Spots in the City

How to connect to the free wireless network and the best spots in the city.

Illustration of a grey wifi symbol on a pink background with the text #DiscoverHBG

Isn’t it awesome to travel to a city and not worry about heavy roaming charges? I remember it being of huge help when I first came to Helsingborg for a week as a tourist. Here’s how you connect to the free wifi around Helsingborg, the best spots for getting connected and how it all works.

Helsingborg has surf zones spread around the city. With the strongest networks around the central area, this is especially useful when you have friends and family visiting from outside of Europe with little or no data connectivity.

“Did you know - In addition to the free networks in the central area of Helsingborg, there are also free wireless networks, in all schools, schoolyards and the municipality's premises.”

How to connect

This network is run by Helsingborgs Stad and you will always find the name of the Wi-Fi network as “Helsingborg”. All you need to do is connect and you can use the internet freely with no restriction of surfing time. You will not be asked to log in and will be automatically connected the next time you’re in one of the city’s wireless internet zones (Almost every time - I had to sign in each time on my old laptop, but not anymore!)


Do remember that this is an open and a public network. Which essentially means what your activity can be visible to others. It is advisable not to conduct bank transactions or any other sensitive proceedings. Helsingborg Stad states clearly - What you do is at your own risk!

Spots in the centre for surfing

These are the best areas for connecting to the free network -


Fredriksdals museer och trädgårdar


Gustav Adolfs torg

Hamntorget – avstängt fram till årsskiftet 2018–2019

Mäster Palms plats

Området vid Kungstrappan






Check out more details and a detailed map of the free wifi spots in the city here on the Helsingborg Stad website -



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