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Fallen fruit in your garden? Recycle!

Do you have fruits falling (and/or getting spoilt) in your garden and you don’t know what to do? You can leave your fallen fruit at the NSR centre where it will be recycled for biogas and fertilizer.

Fallen fruit is considered garden waste, but NSR is advising against throwing large quantities of the fruit in your garden waste bins. It becomes heavy for drivers to carry and can lead to work injuries.

Where do I recycle?

Instead, NSR’s recycling facility (Återvinningscentral, Välavägen) has special containers for fallen fruit where you can throw even spoilt fruit. You can use one of your 12 free visits or pay for the visit if you have used up your free passes. Read all about accessing the recycling centre.

What happens to the fruit that I dispose?

Once the fruit vessel is full, it goes to the biogas plant in Helsingborg where the waste is recycled into biogas and fertilizer. Biogas replaces fossil fuels for buses, trucks and cars and thereby reduces carbon dioxide emissions. A car can drive almost 10 km on the fuel from 5 kg of apples. Your apples and pears thus benefit the environment even when they are recycled.

Did you know - As per NSR, only five per cent of Swedish apples are eaten and yet we import such large quantities of apples that are transported such a long way here?

What else can I dispose in the garden waste at the centre?

Here are a few tips by NSR on what you can do with excess fruit -

  • Make jams and juices

  • Freeze into pieces of fruit for making pies in the winter

  • Share with friends, neighbours and co-workers

  • Put some fruit in a bag and put it by the mailbox with a sign - ‘Please take

  • Use social media to invite people to self-pick fruits.

  • Check with local nursing homes and preschools if they need edible fruit. Many of them use it for snacks and baking.



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