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Where Can You Get English Books From?

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Books! What would a world be without them? But one question that many newcomers have on moving to Helsingborg is - “Where do you get the English ones?”. Read on if you’re a bookworm and can’t get enough of the world found in between pages.

Helsingborg City Library (Bibliotek) - Let’s start with the most obvious. One thing so beautiful about Sweden is how it’s kept this tradition of libraries alive. It is always a pleasure to walk into the Helsingborg Bibliotek and see so many people of different ages engrossed in reading. There is a wide collection of English books if you are not too picky and want to try out different authors. You can sit and read in the library or loan out a book. Looking for something in particular - Try searching online on their website here -

Akademibokhendeln - You would have seen two of these physical bookstores in town. They also have an online service from where you can buy books. Delivery charges are SEK 29 if your order is below SEK 149 or if you make your purchase on the website without logging in. If you log in or your order is above SEK 149, your books will be delivered to you for free in Sweden. Check out their website here -

Adilbris - Another well-known website for ordering books and other items. It has a large selection of English books covering different genres. You can choose different delivery methods out of which the standard delivery charge (2-4 days) is SEK 19 if your order is less than SEK 169. If more, your books will be delivered for free. Small packages come to your address otherwise you can select a pick-up point. You can also choose for priority delivery (next day) and home delivery for an extra cost. Visit their website here -

Bokus - A website just for books! Bokus also has a large variety of books for all ages and all genres. You can choose different delivery methods - Fast delivery (1-2 working days) for a delivery charge of SEK 25 or standard delivery (3 working days) for a cost of SEK 10 if your order is less than SEK 99. If your order is SEK 99 and above you can get free delivery the standard delivery option. Small packages under both options are delivered to your mailbox. For large items, you can choose your closest pick-up point. Visit their website here -

Buuks - Buuks is part of the Pluus benefit club from which you can buy books at purchase price. You have to be a member which costs SEK 129 every month. Read more on their website here -

Amazon - And now finally we have Amazon. Check out the website here -

Do you know of any other websites or stores? Comment below!


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