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Donate a lunch - Food for healthcare staff

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

This is a really tough time for restaurants, cafes and other local businesses. At the same time, it is also heartwarming to see many initiatives come up to support the community, be it a local business or an individual who may be at high-risk.

Are you wondering how you can help? Here's a lovely initiative through which you can support the lunch of those in the forefront of this pandemic - our health care professionals.

The proposal for this initiative came to Helsingborg City from Jesper Liljegren, part owner of the Bara Vara Group and is now a reality! Jesper Liljegren at Bara Vara Group, Michael Fogelqvist at Kol & Cocktails and Anna Eklund at Kitchen & Table are the restaurants that are participating and starting the initiative together with Helsingborg City.


You can swish a lunch (SEK 80) to number 1236758080. Helsingborg City collects the money and as the burden on healthcare increases Helsingborg City buys lunches from the three cooperating restuarants to deliver to the care staff. The plan is to deliver 100 lunches a day during the project period.

These lunches will start running out starting May 1 to health care staff in the elderly care through a collaboration with the City of Helsingborg.

If you or your company wish to participate in larger donations than individual lunches, please contact Helsingborg City here.

Read more about this initiative here


Want to know other ways you can help or contribute? Read here.



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