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Helsingborg is the third-best cycling city in Sweden

Every year, Cykelfrämjandet conducts a national review of how municipalities across Sweden are working with bicycle issues. This review is called a Kommunvelometer (The Municipal Velometer).

This review measures and compares municipalities' efforts for cycling during the previous year. The purpose is to be able to compare the current situation in one municipality with other municipalities, see changes over time and highlight areas where there is potential for improvement.

The results for 2021 are in and Helsingborg wins third place!

"Helsingborg has long worked with sustainable transport, has in recent years been among the top places in this survey and has steadily climbed up the list. " (Via press release)

Check out what one of our international residents has to say about the city's beautiful bike paths.

What is Cykelfrämjandet?

Cykelfrämjandet is the Swedish national cycling advocacy organisation. We work to improve conditions for all cyclists in Sweden and to convince more people to choose bicycles for everyday transportation needs, exercise, leisure activities and tourism.

And not just that - They also have cycling courses for those who want to learn how to ride a bike. Check out details here -

Congratulations, Helsingborg!

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