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COVID-19 - Updates in Helsingborg

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Information as on February 14. This post will be updated as and when new information is released

For COVID-19 general information (links, number of cases, testing information, travel certificate etc) please visit this link -


Number of cases in Helsingborg (Week 05, 2021) - 13,587

Number of cases in Skåne (Feb 12, 2021) - 103,819

Number of cases in Sweden (Feb 14, 2021 ) - 608,411

Until September 2021, a temporary pandemic law ("Pandemilagen") shall apply. As a result, certain activities that are not covered by other infection control legislation can be closed or restricted.

The government has introduced a number of restrictions in connection with the pandemic law.

Until further notice, no more than eight people may be present at a public gathering or public event. The police has the right to cancel or dissolve an event that has more than eight attendees.

If a private gathering is held at an event venue, in a meeting room and at other rented premises, a maximum of eight people are allowed to attend.

An exception is made for funerals, where up to 20 participants are allowed.

If you organise an event in violation of the ban, you may face a fine or prison sentence of up to six months.

Shops, gyms, indoor sports facilities, and swimming facilities must calculate the number of visitors so that each person is given ten square meters of space. The companies must display clear signage that clarifies for visitors how many people may visit the premises at the same time.

With the new restrictions in place, here is what has changed in Helsingborg:

Fredriksdal Museer och Trädgårdar - All buildings and activities in the gardens are closed. The park is open and you can of course go for a walk. Cafe remains open as well. Read more on

Kärnan - Closed.

Dunkers Kulturhus - All exhibitions are closed and activities have been cancelled. Read more on

Libraries - All libraries except the City library and Drottninghög library are closed. Both have restrictions. More details on

Filborna Arena - Group pass/trainings with reduced numbers and duration is also reduced by 5-10 minutes for people to not meet between classes. More sessions during the day to reduce the pressure in the evening. More on

Actic - Söder indoor swimming pool - Open with cleaning, hygiene and distancing routines. Visitor numbers will be limited if it gets difficult to maintain distance.

Helsingborg Contact Center - Currently closed. You can use other ways to get in touch with the municipality such as phone (042-10 50 00), online chat ( or by email -

Stadsteater - Closed, will introduce digital theatre (Premiere on Feb 19)

Konserthuset - All concerts have been cancelled. Read more here -

Helsingborg Arena - No events are taking place at the arena. Read more here -

Röda Kvarn - Remains open. Eight people allowed per salon. Read more here -

Filmstaden cinemas are currently closed. Read more here -

Restaurants, bars and cafes are open. They are not allowed to serve alcohol after 8 pm (Valid until February 28). Not more than four people on a table.

Pålsjöbadet and Kallis are open, seats need to be booked in advance. Only eight people at a time. Read more here - and

Gyms are selectively open. Please check with them directly for details on group training and the number of people allowed.

Co-working spaces remain open. More details on their websites.

Väla remains open. It's website features how crowded it is in realtime -

Stores in Kullagatan remain open. Many provide delivery, e-commerce. Follow Helsingborg City for more details (@hbgcity)

No classes in Campus Helsingborg. Public areas open for students (with restrictions).

Vuxenutbildning and Yrkeshögskolan closed. All education takes place at distance. This also includes SFI education.

COVID-19 Important links - Sweden, Skåne and Helsingborg related - A compilation of useful links

Number of cases in Helsingborg - As of Week 05, there are 13,587 cases in Helsingborg

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Information related to Helsingborg schools - How are schools in Helsingborg handling the outbreak?

Information for business owners and entrepreneurs - What support can you get as a business owner in the city?

H22 (Together/COVID-19) - H22, the city's innovation initiative has compiled good practices of how everyone is helping and finding solutions during the crisis.

Action Helsingborg - An online hub where the municipality, businesses, associations and residents can come together to solve challenges.

Hbg Together - A platform to showcase businesses in Helsingborg that need your help. Supported by Action Helsingborg.

Read more on our section for the Corona crisis - All posts by This Is Hbg related to the corona crisis.


Information via Helsingborgs Stad, Helsingborgs Dagblad and Individual websites of activity centers, and initiatives. Do you have anything to add to this post? Or have questions or concerns? Send an email to


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