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Where can you get COVID-19 Antibody test in Helsingborg?

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Want to know if you've had COVID-19 before? An antibody test can show if you have already had COVID-19 and developed antibodies against the virus. Please note it must have been at least 2 weeks after your infection to detect antibodies.

Here is a list of places in Helsingborg where you can get the Covid-19 antibody test done:

1. Väla Hälsa & Vaccin

Phone: 073-269 99 41

Price: SEK 695

Timings: Monday - Friday 10.00-19.00; Saturday - Sunday 10:00 - 18:00

Location: ICA Maxi Berga

Price: SEK 380

Drop-in timings: Monday-Friday: 08-20 Saturday-Sunday: 10-18

3. Pharma Use

Book here. Drop-in also available.

Price: SEK 199

4. Vaccin Direkt

Phone: 076-873 62 13

Price: SEK 390

5. SVEA Vaccine

Price: SEK 575 ; SEK 1000 (test + certificate)

6. Scan Test

Price: SEK 275

Book online here or drop-in.

How is the test done?

Sampling is done through a blood test in the arm. Antibody tests show if you have previously been ill with COVID-19 and have developed antibodies to the disease. Antibodies provide some protection against COVID-19, but right now it is not known how long you are immune to the disease.


You will get your results from the care provider where you took the test. Results are usually one of the following:

- Positive - You have had COVID-19 before

- Negative - You have not had COVID-19

- A small number of antibodies that are not considered to be sufficient

- The sample could not be analyzed due to deficiencies in sampling


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