List of places where you can get an antibody test in Helsingborg

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

So far, private companies have been offering COVID antibody tests throughout the country. Now Region Skåne has started rolling out the tests which can be taken by anyone who is healthy and symptom-free for at least 14 days. The test shows if you have previously been ill with COVID-19 and if you have developed antibodies.

These will be available to all adults registered in Skåne and have been symptom-free for 14 days beforehand. Please note, children are not tested for antibodies unless medically necessary. This is because children do not develop antibodies to the same extent as adults and this makes the test results too uncertain.

How do you book the test?

The sampling is carried out by Capio,, Doktor24, Kry, Vaccina or Werlabs.

You do not need to register with any of the care providers to book a time for sampling but you will need e-identification such as Bank ID to book a test.

Here is a full list of places where you can book an appointment for the test in Helsingborg along with links (Usually takes 15 minutes):

Book an appointment at Capio Citykliniken Söder Address: Nedre Eneborgsvägen 2

Book an appointment at, Söder Galleria Address: Södergatan 30

Book an appointment with Doktor24 Address: Bergaliden 11

Book an appointment with KRY Sampling Unit Helsingborg, Elite Hotel Marina Plaza (You will need to download the Kry app to proceed) Address: Kungstorget 6

Book an appointment at Vaccina, Comfort Hotel Address: Californiegatan 2-4

Book an appointment at Werlabs

Do I have to pay?

Yes. The tests will cost SEK 200 and will not be included in högkostnadsskydd. This means that even if you have reached your annual limit on your healthcare spending, you still have to pay for this antibody test.

How is the test done?

Sampling is done through a blood test in the arm. Antibody tests show if you have previously been ill with COVID-19 and have developed antibodies to the disease. Antibodies provide some protection against COVID-19, but right now it is not known how long you are immune to the disease.


You will get your results from the care provider where you took the test. Results are usually one of the following:

- Positive - You have had COVID-19 before

- Negative - You have not had COVID-19

- A small number of antibodies that are not considered to be sufficient

- The sample could not be analyzed due to deficiencies in sampling

Important info:

You can not book an appointment online if:

  • You do not have the opportunity to use e-identification.

  • You do not have a Swedish social security number.

  • You have a protected identity. 

Call your healthcare centre if you are unable to book an appointment online for sampling.  

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