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How to throw away your Christmas and Holiday waste.

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

Christmas may be over, but the holiday spirit continues. With all the merry and celebration, also comes a lot of cleaning. If you’re wondering what to do with all the waste that you may have collected during this season and how to recycle/throw things correctly, read on.

Christmas Tree 🎄

If you live in a villa and have your own garden bin, you can cut down the spruce and put it in the garden waste bin (no decoration should be left on the tree). The vessel is then emptied when emptying of garden vessels is resumed in March.

If you live in an apartment, you can contact your property owner or tenant-owner association and find out what applies to you. Sometimes there are associations that undertake to pick up your spruce for a small fee.

Gift wrap and strings 🎁

You can throw away ordinary gift wrap at home as wrapping paper. This also applies to gift wrap with tape and label on it. Gift strings are to be thrown in the residual waste since they contain plastic and ruin the recycling process if it ends up in the packaging or newspapers.

Christmas card ✉️

Christmas cards are sorted as residual waste in the regular garbage bag. Envelopes must also be sorted as residual waste.

Candlesticks 🕯🕯️

The stump that remains when candles have burned down, you should throw in the residual waste.

Tip by NSR: Feel free to choose Nordic Ecolabelled candles for as little environmental impact as possible. Reuse the candlesticks to cast new candles. There are also local candle makers who are happy to receive candle residues.

Light loops and string lights 💡💡💡

All waste that has a cord or battery is counted as electronic waste. Therefore, your used candle loop or Advent candle holder should be disposed of as electrical waste.

You can leave electrical waste at your recycling center or environmental station , in the Collector or in the small electronics container that is found in many multi-family houses. You can also leave electrical waste at stores that sell electronics.

Fruit nets 🍈🍉

Some fruits and vegetables are sold in nets, such as oranges, avocados and onions. These nets must be sorted as soft plastic packaging. But feel free to skip the net and buy the goods in bulk instead.


Styrofoam should be sorted as soft plastic, and this also applies to meat trays made of Styrofoam. Larger amounts or blocks of cellular plastic can be left at your recycling center.


The metal cup of the tealight is not classified as packaging. Therefore, do not throw it away as metal packaging at home. But of course the metal must be recycled, so instead you take the cup to the recycling center where you throw it away as scrap metal. Remember to remove the small wick holder in the middle before throwing away both it and the cup as scrap metal.

The wick holder is made of steel while the cup is made of aluminum. In the metal scrap sorting plant, steel is separated from aluminum with a magnet. If the wick holder is attached to the cup, the cup follows and the aluminum then burns up in the steel bath.

Tip by NSR: There is a refill for tealights to buy, then you can reuse the tealight cup by inserting a new candle.


Christmas wrapping paper - Paper packaging

Tape and strings - Residual waste

Styrofoam - Soft plastic

Herring jars and glass bottles - Glass recycling

Christmas cards and envelopes - Residual waste

Lamps and broken light loops - Electrical waste

Tealight - Scrap metal at the recycling centre

Christmas Tree - Garden waste

Information from NSR. Read more on their website here -

NSR recycling facility address - Återvinningscentral, Välavägen 222, 254 68 Helsingborg (


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