How to Donate Blood in Helsingborg

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

In healthcare, new blood is constantly needed from donors because blood cannot be produced artificially. Blood is a fresh product that can not be stored for more than six weeks. The blood you give can be used in operations and in the treatment of various diseases. (Via

Read on to know more about donating blood in Helsingborg/Skåne.

Here is how you can give blood:

Region Skåne has nine blood centres in Skåne where you can donate blood. There are also two blood buses with stops in Helsingborg. You can find the complete list here at this link. Giving blood takes about ten minutes, after which you get something to eat or drink. The entire visit takes about half an hour.


Are between 18-60 years (in some places 18-65 years)
Are healthy
Weigh at least 50 kilos
Have a valid ID 
Have a Swedish personnummer
Understand and speak basic Swedish. This requirement is to avoid any linguistic misunderstanding about health and the risk of infection.  


Before each blood donation, you must fill out a health form. Here are examples of occasions when you are not allowed to donate blood:

  • When you are pregnant.

  • After visiting certain countries.

  • If you may have been exposed to a blood-borne infection.


Step 1: Sign up here on Geblod to register as a donor. Your local centre will contact you for a sample call. You can also contact your local centre directly.

Step 2: Sampling and Interview: The first time you visit the centre, you will get to read information, answer questions about your health and you will provide blood samples to check your blood type and blood value to test for any infection.

Step 3: Blood donation: When the test results are approved, you will be contacted for your donation.

When you arrive at the blood centre or blood bus, you must show a valid ID and have a Swedish personnummer. Then you have to fill in a form with questions about your health.

You will be asked to lie down. A nurse or other healthcare professional will insert a needle into a blood vessel in one armpit. The needle remains for about ten minutes and is connected to a plastic tube that leads the blood to a collection bag. The visit to the blood centre or the blood bus takes about 30 minutes. You give about four and a half decilitres of blood. The blood is checked to prevent the spread of certain infectious diseases, such as HIV and hepatitis.


Here is a complete list of all the blood centres in Skåne. In Helsingborg, you will find the centre on Svartbrödragränden 5, Helsingborg (042-406 21 20). You can also check locations of the blood bus here on this link.


You should wait 14 days after full recovery from coronavirus in order to give blood. If you have come into contact with someone who has tested positive, you should still wait for 14 days before donating.

If you have been vaccinated, please wait for 7 days after getting your shot to donate blood. This applies to both doses of the vaccine.

Read more about COVID-19 and blood donation on this link

HAVE MORE QUESTIONS? Check out this FAQ list to know more. (Swedish)

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